Game Categories

Game Categories

Published On: Wednesday, September 22nd 2021

Much More Than Just Math and Science!

At Funterra, we are dedicated to helping mold well-rounded, future-ready students. Schools do a great job teaching basics like math and reading, but there are lots of relevant real-world scenarios and skills that are often overlooked by standard curriculum.

Check out these new and innovative game categories found exclusively within Funterra:


Start thinking like a Game Designer

  • The Maker Series introduces kids to the world of game design by allowing them to explore, build, and customize various aspects of game play
  • Get a taste for the many facets of game creation including logic, mechanics, graphic design, and storytelling
  • The interdisciplinary nature of game design echoes the rapidly evolving skillset needed for 21st century careers


Choose-your-own Emotional Literacy 

  • Kids explore a variety of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) scenarios
  • and learn how their decisions impact the characters in the story
  • Players can relate to our expressive monsters who use their voices and facial expressions to communicate their emotions 
  • Reflecting on their choices, children realize how much influence they have - not only on their lives but also on others 


What they don't teach you in school

  • The Life Skills series introduces concepts such as money and time management, budgeting, opportunity costs, uncertainty, and probability 
  • Using games that simulate real life scenarios, kids get a sense of when to save and when to spend money, as well as the consequences of over-spending
  • Feel the rush of becoming a real-estate mogul or try your hand at managing a supermarket

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