Educational Insights: Why do we dream?

Educational Insights: Why do we dream?

Published On: Thursday, September 16th 2021

Our good friend AumSum asks lots of great questions we all think about from time to time. This time, AumSum asks 'Why Do We Dream'?


Wishful Dreaming

What part of your dreams do you want to make a reality? Maybe your kids dream about being the president of your school, or an astronaut, or a professional athlete. How could you start to make steps in the real world to achieve what it is you dreamed about? This is a great way get children to identify their ambitions and begin thinking of a step-by-step framework to get closer to their life goals. 

Flight or Fight Response

Do your kids wake up with hearts pounding after dreams of wrestling sharks or narrowly escaping the clutches of a speedy cheetah? If so, you might want to discuss 'Fight or Flight' and how humans use these instincts to survive stressful situations. 

Solving a puzzle

Dreams can be a mess of the things we have done recently along with other things that may not have any apparent connection. What parts of your dream can you recognize from the past day or week in the real world? Finding patterns in dreams or in our world is a great way for children to start to organize information.

Science News

New research has started to investigate the mechanisms by which our brain processes images. One day we may be able to replay our dreams… would you be excited for this development? Would you be willing to share your dreams with the entire world?