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Keep reading to learn how you can use Funterra both in and out of the classroom.

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Make Virtual Learning fun

  • Bite-sized rewards

    Congratulate your class for a job well done by sharing challenging games and engaging activities. You can be confident that our content is safe, entertaining and educational. Even better – no prep required; just browse, discover and enjoy!

  • New perspectives

    While most modern learning platforms are digital reflections of institutional knowledge, Funterra is designed to capture everyday learning opportunities from a wide gamut of entertaining content with an educational backbone.

  • Inspired by classics

    For many adults, ‘Reading Rainbow’ and ‘Oregon Trail’ are fondly remembered as fun, positive educational experiences. At Funterra we aspire to make everyday learning just as joyful and those great titles from the past.

Vaughn, the green slug monster.

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Explore Funterra and discover a collection of games and activities designed to inspire curious minds and develop skills for life-long learning.

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