Fresh New Favorites The Last Kids on Earth: Hit the Deck!

Puzzles and Logic
Based on Max Brallier’s best selling novels and the Emmy-winning TV series, The Last Kids on Earth! In this rogue-like card game, assemble the perfect deck for tag-team combat in this cuckoo bananas post-apocalyptic world. Each character has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Abandoned foster kid and monster-slaying tough guy survivor Jack is great at teamwork and fights harder when his health is down. June is an expert at kicking zombie butt as she is adept at seeing monster intentions and evading attacks. Super-rad scientist Quint can choose his gear on the fly and is exceptional at using buffs and debuffs, while former bully Dirk is a super-strong monster-battling tornado who can shield anyone in combat. Play from more than 400 unique cards and embark on multiple quests that follow the events of the first book!

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