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Hey Parents!

Did you know that the biggest predictor of academic success is parental involvement in learning? Keep reading to see how Funterra can get you involved.

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Getting Involved is Easy

  • Planting seeds

    The Funterra experience won’t look or feel like a traditional classroom or curriculum– that’s by design. Our goal is to provide content that amplifies curiosity, creativity, resourcefulness and grit – all vital attributes of a self-motivated, life-long learner.

  • Future ready

    In the rapidly advancing landscape of information and technology, the ‘learn-it-all’ will fare much better than the ‘know it all’. Establishing early habits toward continuous learning will help young learners excel in school and far beyond.

  • Connecting with your kids

    Funterra helps parents create connections between the games your kids enjoy and the underlying learning objectives. We aspire to help parents initiate positive, casual conversations about learning without the stress of grades or test scores.

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What's on Funterra? Something For Every Kid

Explore Funterra and discover a collection of games and activities designed to inspire curious minds and develop skills for life-long learning.

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Both of my kids were taking turns on the game for about an hour, they were having a great time with the different game levels and monsters!

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