• Fresh New Favorites Physics Flyers

    Ready, aim, launch!

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    Physics Flyers
  • Monsters vs Fractions Monsters vs Fractions 5

    Machine Meyhem with fraction multiplication

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    Monsters vs Fractions 5
  • New for 2022 Special Delivery

    Coordinates are sweet!

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    Special Delivery
  • New for 2022 Kart Stroop Color Challenge

    How does your brain see color?

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    Kart Stroop Color Challenge
  • New for 2022 Build your Boat Survival

    Design your best boat!

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    Build your Boat Survival
Prime the purple, 11-eyed monster with violet hair.

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Both of my kids were taking turns on the game for about an hour, they were having a great time with the different game levels and monsters!

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